Turn off the TV: The Opportunity Cost of Watching Your Favorite Shows

By Kat


We all wish we could get paid to sit on our couches and watch TV. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. We’ve all been there, binge-watching our favorite shows for hours upon hours. But have you ever thought about all the money you are losing while watching your favorite sitcom or rom-com? 

Finty, a credit card company, recently released a new study that analyzes how much money you could be making while watching TV. They calculated how much money you could earn if you worked a side hustle instead of watching hours of TV.

Finty says the average person could earn $2,165.99 in the time it takes to binge-watch TV dramas. That’s a whole lot of money! 

So what if you are more sitcom, rather than drama? Well, they pulled those numbers as well! With the average length of a sitcom being 22 minutes, you could earn an average of $1,288.88 working side hustle jobs.

The show that would take you the longest to watch and that would cost you the most money is ‘Law & Order’ with an opportunity cost of $6,284.14.

So the next time you are glued to your couch watching ‘Friends’ or ‘The Office,’ think of all the money you could be making. Maybe that might motivate you to get off the couch!

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