This is How Many Immigrants are Employed in Finance-Related Fields

By Kat


Foreign-born workers provide a lot of value to many industries across the country. From food prep and serving, healthcare, legal, and education industries, you can find the power of foreign-born workers in any industry. The amount of foreign-born workers becoming employed in our workforce is increasing, which causes a change in foreign-born employment across industries.


CapRelo, a global relocation services company, recently published a list of the industries employing the most foreign-born workers. Using government data, they were able to publish the change in employment over time as well as the representation among male and female foreign-born workers.


To see the change over time and the representation of foreign-born workers in finance-related industries, read below.


Sales and Related Fields


Office and Administrative Support


In addition to these fields, you can also see the results for other industries such as food prep and serving, fishing, farming, and forestry, education, construction, and more. To see the results, visit the link above.


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