These are the top 5 holidays for American spending

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holiday spending happens most at Christmas

Whether it’s on the consumer side or the corporate side, no wallet is spared shedding a dollar as a holiday approaches. Setting up decorations, purchasing gifts, or gifting an experience are all ways people can find themselves spending money during a holiday – especially the ones towards the end of the year.  

Be it decor or gift-giving traditions, here are the top 5 holidays for American spending.

#1 Most Expensive: Christmas

As the calendar year winds its way down, it seems American spending winds up. From purchasing the perfect present for your friends and family to buying six pretty red Poinsettias to outfit your front porch decor, it’s easy to spend money at the holidays. It’s normal for consumers to spend over $630 billion during the holiday season!

#2 Most Expensive: Thanksgiving

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Thanksgiving is also one of the top holidays for American spending. From trips to visit family or Friendsgiving, Turkey Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. From waking up and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the delicious scent of turkey and fixings wafting through the house, many families will spend time and money decorating their table to perfection, dressing it with delicious family recipes and, of course, the good china.

#3 Most Expensive: Valentine’s Day

No one is safe from spending on Valentine’s day – not even pet parents. Gifting pets a Valentine’s Day gift or treat is becoming the norm.  It’s tradition to give a gift or a card to your sweet someone. People celebrate this holiday by spending on the one they love — spending on average at least $140.  

#4 Most Expensive: Mother’s Day

Each year, families spend time in May trying to find the perfect gift for mom. Sometimes that means a night out with the family for dinner or something inclusive with the kids. Maybe the kids even pooled together their allowances to pick a small gift for Mom. Whatever way people choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, one thing reigns true: Americans spend a lot of money on this holiday.

#5 Most Expensive: Easter

For the most part, the Easter holiday racks up tabs for food, flowers, and clothes. Easter, in some parts of the country, is used as the beginning of the spring season. What better excuse to revamp your wardrobe? In addition, gifts are pretty normal on Easter. Adorable and brightly colored baskets are filled with Easter eggs stuffed with chocolate and candy and children eagerly await what the Easter Bunny brought them.

What holiday do you spend the most on?


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