There is Shame in the Takeout Game

By Brittany Hawthorne


Here’s how much Americans spend on takeout or food delivery each year

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How many times have you planned dinner, but life got in the way? Even if you’re a regimented and disciplined budgeter or meal planner, sometimes things come up. You have to work longer, your son is sick… something like that. So instead of following the carefully planned out kale-and-chicken dish you’d planned, like many other Americans, you probably either drove through a fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru or you dialed your favorite pizza chain as you pulled into your driveway. 

Takeout has seriously made our lives and meal planning easier. From UberEats to the pizza shop up the street, it’s easier than ever to have food, ready-made, arrive on our doorstep and consequently our places, but has it helped our finances in any way? 

Of course, it hasn’t. 

There’s totally some shame in the takeout game. Overall, Americans seem to spend somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000 on takeout annually. So, with that in mind, UberEats took a look at what the most popular takeout foods ordered are across the country based on customer orders. 

This is the most popular takeout food in each state:

Are you concerned because pizza isn’t on there? UberEats might not necessarily have pizza delivery data because most chains have their own delivery drivers. There is definitely a flaw in the data! 

When looking at how much we’re spending on takeout each year, pizza prices need to come into consideration. Especially when the average American adult could spend upwards of $500 on pizza per year, depending on where they live. 

It’s interesting to note that Americans’  spending on “food away from home” decreases based on age. While this makes sense, it shows the younger generations are taking advantage of food delivery services,  takeout, and pre-made food available to them. 

How do you budget your takeout?


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