Learning the Trade of Trading

By Andrew


Invest Time in Investing

As was discussed in the previous post, the best way to save more is not always to spend less, but to effectively use your skills and time.  Something that any resident of Main St. can learn to do is invest.  We discussed a few ways to invest (in gas, for example), so let’s learn HOW to invest.

You’ve seen the commercials…

From talking (and possibly annoying, depending on who you ask) babies, to weird semi-animated adults talking about vineyards (I mean a vineyard, come on…).  There are plenty of places to invest, so let’s go over a few things when making the decision on where to take your money and how to spend your time.

What matters to you?

Here are a few things to consider before we talk about the different places to go:

Next time, we will start naming different places to go and offer a review of sorts of these places and how to set up an account.  In the meantime, start getting smart and making money.

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Andrew is a corporate finance consultant living in Los Angeles, specializing in distressed and bankrupt consulting. He helps clients review business plans and the general market and decide what steps to take next. He has a masters in finance. Andrew enjoys running and biking in the San Gabriel mountains, cheering for the San Francisco Giants and eating (but trying not to gain weight).

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