How to Furnish a Room for $1000 or Less with Premium Furniture

By Kat


Sure, you can furnish a room for $1000 or less, but can you furnish it with premium furniture? Sources say yes. With $1000 you have a bit of wiggle room in your budget. This being said, it is best to focus on furniture that is easy to move, and timeless.

The best way to start is to narrow done exactly what types of furniture you’re looking to put in your room. Furnishing a bedroom? You definitely need a bed. Furnishing a living room? You definitely need a couch. But where you go from there depends on your priorities and how you want to divide your money. For starters, it is easiest to think about the things that you don’t need to purchase. For instance, if you bring old sheets and bedding you will have more funds to delegate towards a new bed. Keep in mind, that you should always measure your space twice, so you only have to buy once.

A great place to find premium furniture for cheap is Craigslist. Furniture that is being sold on Craigslist is sold for a fraction of the original price, so don’t be afraid to search for the most expensive brands. The prices on Craigslist are also not set in stone, so negotiate. Delivery and moving fees can also be haggled. If you prefer your premium furniture to be custom-made, then there are several places to purchase these custom items for less than you are anticipating. JoyBird sells solely custom-made furniture. They are also constantly running different promotions and putting items on sale. Shopping at the right time is a great strategy. If you’re not on a time crunch, wait until you can find the best deals on the items you’re looking for.  Need inspiration for a stunning custom designed piece of furniture?  Check out the Joybird Instagram page.

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