Here’s How Much Your Morning Routine Can Cost

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How do you get ready for the day? Everyone has their own routine, full of grooming, dressing, and other prep that best prepares them to take in the world, and no two routines are the same. That doesn’t mean there aren’t similarities, however. 

The exact order, length, tools used, and more differ from person to person, there are a few basic steps that the majority of people undertake. From showering to brushing teeth to getting their hair ready to choosing an outfit and getting dressed, there are basic beats to most routines that are shared the world over, to say nothing of the shared addiction to coffee felt by people around the world. 

While the steps and events of morning routines may be the same for many people, the time devoted to each step can vary wildly, and that timing is what can make superficially similar routines seem much different. They can also reveal some basic fundamental differences between men and women in America. 

Recently, an electric supply company polled hundreds of Americans to find out what the typical start to their day looked like, and used that data to construct the average routine for both men and women. With those routines established, the company was able to find some of the biggest differences between how men and women prepare for an average day. 

In terms of overall time devoted to a routine, less than 15% of men say they spend over 30 minutes in the bathroom in the morning, while over 25% of women claimed to exceed that amount. Once out of the shower, choosing an outfit proved to be another spot that costs women time, as 24% of females said they spend 15 minutes or more getting dressed, with men claiming to take that long choosing an outfit at only half that rate. 

Of course, since this survey was conducted by an electricity company the entire thing is tied back to the amount of electricity people use in the morning. The company graphed out how much electricity different morning activities use, as well as how much the average man and woman use in the course of their routines. 

They found that women use around six or seven percent more electricity every day compared to men, making their electricity bills that much higher. For more details on the differences between men and women, as well as a look at how your own morning electricity usage stacks up be sure to read the full article linked above. 

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