Is Main St. Becoming a Glass House?

By Jeff


No, not in the way that you are thinking. I’m talking about transparency, and like it or not, it’s coming.

Transparency is a unique animal—we all clamor for it, no doubt about that. We want our governments to explain where every tax dollars are going, we want Wall St. to tell us all their secrets, and we sure want our spouses/partners to tell us where that extra money went from the checking account.

What About Self-Transparency?

However, when it comes to self-transparency, we hate it. We don’t want our tax info made public; some people even try to keep it hidden from the IRS by arguably shady measures. We don’t want our salaries leaked. We don’t even want certain people to be able to see what we post on Facebook! It’s clearly a case of, “What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander”.

Main St. Is Already Becoming Transparent!

Is there an issue with Transparency? Like it or not, as more of our lives become digital and access to information becomes easier transparency will increase. It will increase in your personal life as a result of more information being online from various public records, and it will increase from corporations because shareholders will demand it.

You still don’t believe me? Check out Go there, type in your name and see how much of your information is online. Then, leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this new lack of privacy.

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