3 Ways to Get Extra Cash in Your Pocket

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Here’s the thing, we all want and need money to survive. And quite frankly, sometimes having one job just isn’t enough to live comfortably. Sure, taking on another job can be daunting but it doesn’t always have to be. There are plenty of ways to get extra cash in your pocket, but here’s three that are some great tried and true methods.

Dive into a Side-Gig

Side-gigs are a norm in today’s society and can be a great way to supplement your income, leaving you with extra cash for your everyday needs. Whether you’re driving for Uber, tutoring, blogging, or starting your own small business, there’s plenty of options out there no matter your skill set. Take advantage of all the opportunities at your disposal as some of these jobs require minimal hours and can be heavily flexible depending on your schedule. Remember, side-gigs can absolutely turn into full-time gigs, so if you come across one you enjoy, stick with it.

Search for Unclaimed Money

Our country is sitting on billions of dollars worth of unclaimed money. How much you ask? Upwards of $60 billion. While not your traditional method of making extra cash on the side, or steady whatsoever, searching for unclaimed money has proven to be a successful method in a pinch, assuming you have money being held for you. Unclaimed money consists of savings or checking accounts, uncashed dividends, stocks, refunds, unredeemed money orders, annuities, utility security deposits, and payroll checks. These funds are considered unclaimed once there’s been no account activity or contact with the owner for a certain length of time. A recent study on unclaimed money shows the average amount per person per state and you’d be surprised at some of these payouts, for example, New York at $704.85 a person. That amount of cash coming seemingly out of the blue could mean paying a decent portion of your rent or any outstanding debt.

Rent out Your Home

Going on a long trip or have some extra unused space in your home that you’re comfortable sharing? Consider listing your home online, like Airbnb, for example. Renting out your space could mean serious cash, especially if you live in a big city that’s hosting a highly sought after event like the Super Bowl or a music festival. If you’re thinking about this and not quite ready to take the plunge, check out this rental calculator which shows you how much you should be charging daily and weekly based off of your location and home amenities.  

These days, there are endless opportunities when it comes to making additional cash outside of your full-time job. Which methods work for you?

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