The Costs Associated with Franchising

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Before entering into any business venture, it is important to have a clear picture of the associated costs that you’ll encounter during the start-up phase and throughout the life of your business. Unfortunately, opening a business in any industry has an element of unpredictability. Unforeseen costs pop up regularly, making it challenging to accurately predict expenses. As a result, many aspiring entrepreneurs turn to franchising as an excellent alternative to business ownership with less uncertainty and perceived risk.


Since the franchising game began with the Singer brand in the mid-1800s, entrepreneurs have recognized the opportunity that franchising presents: the ability to own your own business with the strength of an established brand and corporate support behind you. On top of that, franchising gives entrepreneurs the ability to have an outline of the costs they’ll encounter before even making the decision to move forward with investing in a franchise business. Franchises companies are actually required to disclose approximate costs to prospective franchisees, so they’re able to run the numbers before taking plunge. As you review the disclosure document, here are the most common franchise costs you’ll come across:

While these are by no means every cost you’ll encounter with franchising, these are the most common to account for in a business plan. Before making the decision to invest in a franchise, it’s also a good idea to talk with other franchisees about their experience with the business. If they are willing to share, their experience may help you get a better idea of when you may expect to hit a positive revenue stream.  

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