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reverse mortgage on homeReverse mortgages might sound confusing, but in reality, there’s a lot they can do for your quality of life in later years. Older Americans who are homeowners can take advantage of reverse mortgages to pay for personal health services or contribute to monthly bills. This type of loan may make sense for you or your loved ones, or there may be other ways to acquire cash that are more suitable for a senior’s lifestyle.

Read on for an introductory approach to reverse mortgages. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that you take out against your home based on the value of the property. You must be at least 62 to qualify. In a reverse mortgage, you essentially convert equity in your home into cash and don’t need to pay back the loan as long as you are alive and living in your home.

Should I get a reverse mortgage?

The answer is, it depends. For many older Americans who own their homes, a reverse mortgage allows them to augment their income and live a higher quality of life. Depending on your age and the estimated value of your property, the payments can be a significant source of income. Keep in mind that the older you are, the higher the value of your property, and the less you currently own, the more you can borrow against your home. If you are eligible for a reverse mortgage, you can opt to receive monthly payments, a line of credit, or a lump sum. Consider the benefits and risks associated with taking a reverse mortgage carefully before moving forward.

Where do I start?

Getting a reverse mortgage on your home doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You can apply for a reverse mortgage through a reverse mortgage lender. Typically, individuals must speak with a counselor or consultant before moving forward, and the cost of this visit will be rolled into the loan. Of course, there are a number of reverse mortgage lenders and financial professionals you can speak with to make an informed, rational decision.

If you decide to embark on the reverse mortgage process, take your time thinking about the various options available to you and your family. Like any financial decision, it should not be made lightly.

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